Into Paradise
Michelle Elwell
29th June - 24th July 2021

Vibrant and ethereal images to reflect the fragile beauty of flowers in a unique way.
Lauren Baker
15th April - 8th May 2021

Signature neons, galaxy explosions and chakra artworks, using light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’
In The Garden
Iaysha Salih
11th May - 5th June 2021

A collection of paintings to awaken the soul.
89 Years Pop!
Peter Blake
8th June - 26th June 2021

A celebration of the Godfather of
British Pop Art.
Patrick Hughes
Surrealism combines with strong symbolism from the master of witty illusion and paradox.
In a Room without Doors
Benat Olaberria
24th August - 11th Sept 2021

Organic and gestural black mark-making offer traces of intimate moments of time and space whilst still refusing representation.
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Art Hub Gallery offers a beautiful space to showcase artworks in a high end gallery setting.

Located central to the town, we offer the gallery space to Artists, Independent Art consultants, Dealers and Pop-Ups. A place for artists to show case their works in a high-end gallery setting.

Exhibition & Events


Solo Show by Lauren Baker

Time: Thursday, April 15, 2021April 15, 2021 - 12:00 am - May 8, 2021 - 12:00 am /
Lauren Baker is a British contemporary multidisciplinary artist whose work explores human connection, metaphysics and the expansiveness of the universe. Lauren’s signature neon works portray the power of energy through her poetic typographic and celestial chakra artworks. Passionate about environmental issues and sustainability, the artist uses light to express the ‘secrets of the universe’ and aims to raise the vibration of love and […]

In The Garden by Iaysha Salih

Time: Tuesday, May 11, 2021May 11, 2021 - 12:00 am - June 5, 2021 - 12:00 am /
Iaysha’s work encapsulates a strong desire to speak to the viewer, to initiate reflection, passion and inspiration for life. It is art which connects people emotionally.Born from an organic and intuitive process, Iaysha works to create a space for contemplation, to delve deeper, opening the capacity to feel rather than think. Her work reflects her spiritual […]

89 Years Pop! by Peter Blake

Time: Tuesday, June 8, 2021June 8, 2021 - 12:00 am - June 26, 2021 - 12:00 am /
89 Years Pop! is a celebration of the Godfather of British Pop Art, Sir Peter Blake. Blake’s work reflects his fascination with all streams of popular culture and the beauty that can be found in everyday objects and surroundings. Many of his creations feature found printed materials such as photographs, comic strips or advertising texts, […]

Into Paradise by Michelle Elwell

Time: Tuesday, June 29, 2021June 29, 2021 - 12:00 am - July 24, 2021 - 12:00 am /
Michelle Elwell’s fascination with the aesthetics and ephemerality of nature provides the inspiration for her digital art, photography and print making.  Her vibrant and ethereal images reflect the fragile beauty of flowers in a unique way. She is inspired by both the simplicity and complexity of natural forms and finding beauty at moments when things […]

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